Welcome to Paula Brill Travel

  • There has never been greater opportunity to explore the world or more information available about travel.  The amount of information can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to visiting unknown destinations.  The same way most of us need guidance with financial investments, consulting with a travel professional is a smart because travel is an investment of your time and money.  An experienced travel advisor can help you create memorable journeys that fit your budget and your goals.  Let me help you fulfill your travel dreams whether it is a special event, reunion, bucket list or the sheer pleasure of exploring your world! 

​My Mission

 Provide expert travel advice to help create the best travel experiences. 

My ​Travel Philosophy

  •  I believe travel broadens our minds and our perspectives as well as the people we meet, and this helps create better understanding among people.  

About Paula Brill Travel

  •  Paula Brill has been providing travel advice for over 30 years and traveled the world.  She is a cruise specialist having sailed with the leading luxury and adventure cruise lines.  Her experience and Virtuoso affiliation is priceless when it comes to planning your next journey.  

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Paula Brill Travel

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